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Remote control – A ten step guide to remote working

Mar 25, 2020 | Health and wellbeing, Learning resources

Read time | 6 mins

In light of the recent government announcement, the need to operate with an effective remote working strategy has never been more important. We have created these guides, full of top tips to help both employers and employees provide continuity for prospects and clients.

This guide is designed to provide a ten step plan to help you mobilise your workforce.


1. Develop a Plan

Remote working should be part of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, if you haven’t already done so, explore this in detail thinking about who will be able to carry out their duties remotely? What technology will be required? What online security checks will you need to make? Do your workforce have sufficient broadband connectivity?

2. Invest in Technology efficiently

Make the most of the many software platforms, add-ons and mobile apps available to help you maintain and deliver an effective and efficient service to your partners and clients. Here are a few to get you started; Dropbox, Todoist, Twist, Zoom, Gotomeeting and Google Drive.

3. Encourage flexible working hours

Consider staggering working hours across the team to deliver a more flexible solution to customers as well as your staff members who may, during this time, be struggling with child care and/or caring for their loved ones. Can you extend your working day?

4. The legal bit

amend employment contracts if needed and shape a new remote working policy to help set boundaries, manage expectations and support their culture, consider whether remote workers need to complete a short health and safety assessment for their chosen location, as employers continue to have some responsibility for employees’ work environments, even outside the office.

5. Collaborate

Remote working can get lonely. Employees working in an office environment will be used to the chat by the water cooler or listening to Dave from Accounts telling you about West Ham’s latest defeat at the weekend. Consider encouraging teams to have a Monday morning huddle via video call, maintaining the working relationships they are used to.

6. The perfect Video call

Anyone who has been on a poorly managed video call will have experienced the frustration of constant background noise and a lack of etiquette. Set some guidelines, encourage people to mute when not contributing, ensure that the host arrives in the meeting nice and early to avoid people wondering if the call is still going ahead and set an order at the start of the call for people to give feedback to avoid shouting over each other.

7. Set KPI’s and Report on them

Working remotely doesn’t mean a binge on Netflix and countless trips to the fridge. Empower your teams and ask them to report on performance against the key delivery measures for their individual job role.

8. Activate the Supply Chain

Encourage your suppliers to help assist your efficiency by working in the same manner, a loss of face to face engagement can be mitigated using video conferencing. After all you need them and they need you.

9. Chart the Progress

Take the time to evaluate how successful remote working has been for your business. Look at the output of your workforce in direct comparison to the results achieved before remote working was introduced.

10. Change for the Future?

So did it work for your business? A Stamford remote working study on Chinese Travel Company CTrip with 16,000 staff showed a 13% increase in productivity and importantly a 50% reduction in leave rates. Not to mention the reduced cost in expensive office space. Could you introduce remote working in part to boost your business performance on a more permanent basis?


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Remote working top tips for employees

Wake up at the same time every morning

Routine is key. The snooze button is your enemy. Set a regular get up time to ensure discipline and a more productive day.

Don’t work in your PJ’s

“Dress for success” isn’t just a corporate catchphrase; it really matters when you work from home.

Flexible working

with the recent decision made by the government to close all schools for the foreseeable future, many of you will find yourselves juggling many plates throughout the day. Speak to your Manager about flexible working hours so that you can work around your children or loved ones.

Have a dedicated space to work in

don’t work from the bed or sofa. Create a separation between work time and chill time by doing then in completely different areas of the house.

Allocate yourself regular breaks

Pick 2 or 3 times per day to delve into social media, the news, go for a short walk. The rest of the time, shut them all down to ensure you can focus on the task at hand.

Keep on exercising!

Get up and move as often as you can. If you can’t go outside, then exercise around the house – it doesn’t have to be that exercise DVD you have, even things like cleaning or playing with your child or pet will help to keep active.

Think of innovative new ways to be social

handshaking is out of the question so greet strangers who come knocking at your door with a new and improved greeting such as the “footshake”. It is also important to keep in regular contact with your colleagues via online tools like video call or whatsapp.

Get prepared ahead of time

At the end of each day, write a list of everything you would like to achieve the following day. You can then hit the next day with purpose and drive to deliver everything on your list.

Stick to a finish time

pick a definitive finish time and stick to it. This will help you stay focussed during the day if you know you can’t continue working past 6pm (for example).

Now what?

Now that we’ve shown you how to be extra productive, what else can you do with your time during this uncertain future? If you’re fit and able to do so, see what you can do locally to help those in a worse situation such as offering to do the grocery shop or walk the dog #bekind


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