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Direct Insurance London Market has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the placement of Construction Risks. Wherever there is construction or civil works, there is a risk of loss or damage. Our team can arrange cover for contractors or employers to protect against this cost of this loss or damage and have close relationships with some of the UK’s largest construction insurance Underwriters.


  • Up to £100 million Coverage


  • Advance loss of profits / delay in start-up
  • Construction and erection all risks/Builders risk
  • Open turnover coverages available to certain clients with construction/erection exposures

Client Profiles:

  • Companies with turnovers/project costs up to £100million
  • Companies with sound risk management programs in place or being implemented
  • Based in the UK or Ireland
  • Minimum Premium £2,000

Typical Information Required:

  • Policy terms/coverages
  • Project description
  • Limits of coverage needed
  • Additional information as needed

We can consider all types of construction risks either on an annual or single project basis.

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